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Ambient sound. Distributed Audio

Whether at home, at work, in the gym or on large surfaces, we are accompanied by music that makes life more enjoyable.

Ambient sound is a solution that allows a building, be it a business premises, a public entity, a private home, to distribute audio .
It can be done centralized or distributed in modules located in different areas of the construction. public address and surround sound systems are ideal for:

They are also programmable, since they are capable of integrating with fire detection systems and alarm centers, among others.

Equipment for a public address and ambient sound system

A basic public address and surround sound system consists of at least the following modules.

Programmable control panel

It is the brain of any installation . There may be more than one, depending on the size of the installation. From this the rest of the system devices are controlled.


There can be a central amplifier or several of them distributed according to the needs. They give us the possibility of making independent and controlling different environments .

Controls and injectors

Many times we need the installation to work independently in the different rooms of a premises, home, etc. For this we have the controls to control the volume, of course, but also support the injection of individual channels of audio via USB, RCA connectors, mini Jack, etc. Through the controls, you can communicate messages, control other areas, manage volumes and content.


Loudspeakers are the devices distributed in different areas responsible for emitting sound . They are of different sizes and powers.

Analog Audio System

We offer a wide range of speakers and sound equipment :

To complete the package we also offer high-quality amps, mixer, wired and wireless microphones.

Digital Audio System

This type of system allows to automate the ambient sound of the installations. They can be controlled from any device with an internet connection.

Tasks can be created to automate certain actions such as turning on, off, volume control, music lists, launching prerecorded messages, advertisements, etc.

If you are interested in a Public Address or Environmental Sound system, do not hesitate to contact us without obligation. We will carry out a study to determine your needs to offer you the best offers.