Electrónica y Antenas Negri, S.L.

Professional Lighting

Spectacular Lighting

At Electrónica y Antenas Negri we have a wide range of products for renting Spectacular Lighting . We cover parties, events, weddings, DJs. etc.
Among the devices we offer are moving heads, LED par lights, fog machines, trust, tripods.

With spectacular LED-based lighting, both indoors and outdoors, you will be able to attract more clients to your business, with a reasonable investment and with very good results. In addition, we carry out LED lighting installations for cultural and leisure spaces.

Space lighting

We carry out light installations in interior spaces with LED technology such as pubs, discos, theaters and auditoriums.

We work with the material of the most recognized brands.

Architectural lighting

We carry out outdoor LED lighting on building facades for advertising.
This way you can enhance your company image.

Decorative lighting

We also offer LED decoration in hotels and entertainment venues , such as restaurants, shopping malls, camping sites, clothing and shoe stores, hotels, supermarkets, furniture stores, etc.

We have a wide range of professional products, with the latest technology, in perfect condition and with qualified technicians who will make your events shine with their own light.

We hold concerts and event lighting. Also presentations of new brands with their personalized image, assemblies, professional equipment for nightclubs and everything you can imagine.

Sale and rental of all our equipment, LED screens, structures for mounting events, large TV ", video projectors, front and retro projection screens, trust, etc.

Technical service for repairing spectacular lighting effects devices and managing original spare parts. Budgets. Warranty.