Electrónica y Antenas Negri, S.L.

Community maintenance

Don't let an unforeseen event ruin good times. Hire a community maintenance service. At Electrónica y Antenas Negri we provide solutions

Maintenance of terrestrial and satellite dishes

Electrónica y Antenas Negri has a great team for installation and maintenance of terrestrial and parabolic antennas , whether individual or community . Our antenna technicians have the necessary experience to solve any incident.
We work with the best brands in the market , Televes, Satellite Rover, Fagor, Ikusi, among others, in order to adapt to the needs of our clients.
We have all the necessary security measures to carry out installations in perfect conditions, in complete tranquility and without risks.
We advise you to capture the chosen terrestrial and satellite signal, selecting the best DTT antenna or the diameter of the suitable satellite dish to receive the signal with high quality. Our facilities are guaranteed .

Maintenance of doormen and video intercoms.

We provide Technical Service as experts in Video Doorphones . We have the best Guarantee in the most recognized brands. Maintenance of video doormen Bticino, Fermax, Golmar, Tegui, Auta, Comelit, etc. We have all kinds of spare parts.
In case your already installed system allows it, we change your current intercom for a digital video intercom without works.
We have Video intercoms with slimline monitors, IP video monitors, color or B / W monitors, video intercoms with anti vandal plate.
As installers, we are certified in the Telecommunications Installers Registry with No. 0546 , with the particularities that this entails.
We give urgent response to any failure in the installation.
We do periodic reviews of the facilities.
We offer personalized assistance by a technical expert in the field.
Customer Service via phone or email.

Maintenance of security cameras

One of the most common tasks for surveillance camera maintenance is cleaning the elements. The exterior cleaning of the surveillance camera should be done with a soft cloth so that it does not damage the surface.
Another maintenance item is the LCD monitor, which should only be cleaned with a soft cloth that prevents scratches.
We take care of checking the recording equipment (DVR), the real-time video transmission, the Internet connection for the remote connection and the correct operation of the system's power supply.
In addition, we will check the position of the cameras, focus and also the condition of the wiring and the sensors. All this makes surveillance cameras an ideal system to guarantee the safety of any neighborhood community.

Maintenance of telecommunications systems

We provide specialized preventive and corrective services in telecommunications facilities and networks .
Maintenance of telephone infrastructures.
Maintenance of communications networks, ADSL fixed networks (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line).
Maintenance of network and fiber optic equipment.
We carry out everything related to any telecommunications installation that complies with the regulatory framework of the Common Telecommunications Infrastructure ICT2.

Maintenance of electrical installations

Assembly and repair of community electricity on farms. These facilities are those that serve all the devices in a community such as elevators, hall lights, electricity for the intercom system or video intercom. It is also the electricity that powers all telecommunications devices . Television by terrestrial and satellite signals.