Electrónica y Antenas Negri, S.L.

Fiber optic installation

We carry out all kinds of fiber optic installations. Aerial and channeled placement. Great experience in the sector since we have worked with the best telecommunications companies.

Fiber optic cabling

Fiber optics uses light to transmit data. Fiber optic cable is made up of two separate layers of glass. The core sends the light signal and the cladding, which is the glass layer that surrounds the core. These cables have very low transmission losses compared to copper cable. Create a much more stable connection for all types of communications. Furthermore, fiber optic cable is immune to cross interference and electromagnetic interference.

Installation and commissioning services

The network installation and configuration services of Electrónica y Antenas Negri can provide the resources to build or expand your network. We help you choose the right design, technology and hardware to suit the needs of your business, community, camping, hotel etc.

• Placement of ONT and ONU for FTTH projects
• Local wiring for FTTP projects
• Maintenance agreements.
• Installed network audit services
• Certification

Our technicians are installers and have experience with the following brands: Tyco, Corning, 3M, etc.

Fusion splicing services

We are capable of supporting various fusion splice requirements, whether they require singlemode or multimode splice.

Fusion splicing services:

• Full fiber optic splice
• Telecom and CATV connection
• Emergency restoration in service
• Installation in data center
• Splicing and lashing of aerial fiber

Certification service

Electrónica y Antenas Negri will certify your installation. We will provide OTDR and meter reading for your existing fiber plant.
We merge the fiber optic cable, test and certify the installation
Optional services: video inspection with JPEG images, bidirectional test, ORL (optical return loss measurements)