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Multimedia Audiovisual Media

Full integration between the auditory and the visual to produce a new reality with the five senses.

Audiovisual Services

We are experts in installing audiovisual elements for corporate events , sports, exhibitions, stands, congresses, etc.
Personalized adaptation for each client, offering all the aesthetic and functional needs.

En Electrónica y Antenas Negri, S.L. We work with the main manufacturers to offer you customized audiovisual solutions.


The audiovisual equipment that your company needs for meeting room, assembly hall, reception , etc.
We offer the possibility of renting audiovisual equipment: LED screens, sound equipment, projectors, professional lighting, etc.


What imaging equipment are you looking for for your company?

We work with the main providers of projectors and screens to offer you the widest offer on the market in terms of audiovisual image equipment.

Projectors : It is important to consider the type of room and presentations to choose the projector that best suits your needs.

Screens : Choosing the right screen for your location is essential. The light conditions, size, height, etc. must be taken into account.


Aspects to consider regarding the audio topic:

Sound : It is essential when holding an event. Making a good sound depends on the quality of the equipment and the experience to make them sound .

Microphone : We have wireless and wired microphones, depending on the client's needs.


They are all those elements that are needed in an audiovisual installation: additional supports, covers, cables, power supplies , etc.

Integration of devices with a reliable communication network , whether wired or WIFI, is also essential for the optimal performance of any audiovisual event.
We also have for your event all kinds of furniture: chairs, stages, etc.

Do not hesitate, if you have an event in which you need a professional audiovisual service, contact us.