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Installation of terrestrial antennas DTT

Supply and installation of Terrestrial Antennas

The correct installation of the receiving antenna, regardless of the type of television or receiver, is the basis for receiving digital terrestrial DTT television.

Installation steps

Know the issuing center

The first thing we must do is find the locations of the transmission towers to understand what type of antenna we need and how to orient it. A good site to know the issuing centers of Spain in the following website

Which antenna to choose

There is no recipe for choosing the perfect antenna. The greater the distance from the issuing center, the requirements for installation increase. In digital terrestrial television, the European standard is DVB-T , signal reflections from terrain obstacles add up and improve reception.

Location of the antenna

The height of the antenna is very important. The higher it is installed, the better. Remember that if a house or surrounding structure casts a shadow on the antenna, it is likely to block or attenuate the signal

We prepare the tools

Like the vast majority of technicians, we will carry a briefcase or backpack with tools . We must have them ready to access the antenna mount on its mast.

Mounting the antenna

Once the location is chosen, we will start with the assembly. They can be diverse depending on the needs of the clients. Installation on the wall , on the roof , in chimney , etc. Whichever option we choose we must take into account that the mast must be perfectly vertical.


With the help of our most valuable tool, the field meter , we began to orient the antenna so that reception is optimal, both in signal strength and quality, since these are signals digital.

Connection and search on TV

Finally we make the corresponding connections of the installed coaxial cable. It can be directly to a TV, in the case of a single television or to a distributor in case of having to distribute the signal to more than one TV. We carry out a channel search that captures the newly installed antenna and then order the main digital services.