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Video intercoms

We are multi-brand specialists. intercom and video intercom Fermax, Tegui, Guinaz, Auta.

For those who need it

We install and repair multi-brand video intercom systems.
We offer our services to individuals, neighborhood communities, hotels, camping, shopping centers, etc.

Advantages of a video intercom

Discover the benefits of a video intercom system:

The security of knowing who is called

Knowing who is knocking on our door is very important. A video door phone always provides a plus of security and confidence when faced with possible unwanted visits.
Improvements in the audio and video of the new models allow us to identify more quickly who is knocking on the door of our home, building or community.

Self-ignition with privacy

The self-ignition option allows us to view, on our monitor, the image of the entrance to our building. We can also switch with several entrances , in case we have more than one access to the building.
In this way and without the person at the door noticing, we have a visualization of what is happening.
If we wanted to have auditory contact we just have to activate it and start talking .

Possibility of answering with the mobile

The main brands have the possibility of using the Kit Internet connection , with IP technology for its operation, which means that it can be used both in public networks (Internet) and in local networks (Ethernet ).
It works through the Internet and remotely , with any computer or telephone connected to the Internet, we can answer the call from our outdoor panel, talk, open the door, monitor with a second camera and even control some housing device.

Easy installation

The reliability of the big brands is a guarantee.
We work with brands such as Fermax, Tegui, Auta, Golmar , etc. that are among the most popular on the market.
We recommend solutions and products of an excellent value for money to our clients, adjusting to the needs of the installation.

We carry out the maintenance of any system that exists in the market.