Electrónica y Antenas Negri, S.L.

Professional Audio

Electrónica y Antenas Negri offers you a team of professionals and a wide variety of services in professional sound .

Our services

Sound rental

When you need to rent a professional sound system questions arise regarding the event you want to cover.

If you have any questions, contact us and we will be delighted to help you.

We rent audio, lighting and video material.
Sound and lighting for concerts, galas, presentations, conferences, etc.

Speaker rental

We have different types of speakers for rent .

Self-powered, passive or portable speakers. They are ideal for private events.


• Complete sound equipment
• Sound tables
• Microphone for instruments and voices
• Wireless systems with handheld microphone or headband

Platforms and stages

• Elevating towers and approved truss
• Scenarios tailored for you.
• Made to measure according to the needs of the event.
• Chairs

Call us without obligation.

We include transport, assembly and technicians .

We also carry out repair and technical service of all brands of professional equipment.