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Satellite Antennas

This time we are going to describe in broad outline the process of installing a satellite dish.


For assembly we need several tools. Among them we find the drill, fixed wrenches, vulcanized tape, screwdrivers, etc.


The materials for the installation of a satellite dish are:

Mounting the antenna

To assemble the antenna we follow the manufacturer's steps. We place the antenna arm, at the end corresponding to the focal point and install the LNB support

Installation of the support

The first thing is to choose a wall facing south. We decide the height and install the support with four dowels with screws or metal anchors

Cable laying

We will extend the cable from the LNB of the satellite dish to the receiver, which will usually be in the living room of your house next to the television

Orientation of the antenna

Our technicians will carry out the entire process of orientation of the satellite dish to the satellite that our client decides. Depending on the needs, the most suitable satellite will be chosen. The most common satellites are Astra 19 degrees, Hotbird 13 degrees, etc