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Button module repair

Repair of the Fermax 2504 push-button module. A street panel that is exposed to the sun for many hours and, therefore, the plastics become very dry and end up breaking.

Repair process

This time we are going to repair a push button module from the Fermax brand. Reference 2504.

Checking current status

We launch some random calls to some neighbors. We detect that they do not work and proceed to disassemble. r

We remove the street sign

The next step is to open the plate to access the push button module.

We confirm the fault

When disassembling the entrance panel we confirm that the module is broken since the lack of tightness can be seen. For this reason, contact does not occur from each button.

We collect the replacement module

We have this spare part and a wide range, both of the brand that we have today and of the most important in the market.

We connect and install

We perform the connectorization of all calls. Each one with the corresponding house and we mount the module in its place.

We close the street sign

At this point we proceed to close the entrance panel with its screws and carry out the next step.


We launch several calls to different neighbors and thus check that everything works correctly.

In case of breakdowns like this do not hesitate to call us. We will solve your problem!