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Fiber Optic Fusion PAU

Fiber Optic Fusion Process of a PAU in a house that complies with the ICT2 regulations.

Rosette installation

The first thing we need to do is install the rosette in the network termination register (RTR) that will contain our merge and exit challengers.

Place the heat shrink sleeve

It is essential to add a heat shrink sleeve before fusing as this is the protected our fusion.

Remove outer plastic from the cable

To remove the different layers of plastic that the fiber optic cables bring, we will use the stripper tool. When we have about 2 or 3 centimeters of peeled fiber we can go to the next step.

Clean the fibers with isopropyl alcohol

We will use a wipe with isopropyl alcohol to clean impurities from the freshly peeled fibers. This process is carried out with this type of alcohol since it evaporates quickly.

We cut the fibers

We carry out this workmanship with a high precision cutter. This guarantees that when we take the fibers to the fusion splicer, we have no problems when it comes to fusion.

We perform the optical fusion

We place the two stripped and clean fibers in the guides of the fusion splicer. When we give the fusion command, the machine will align them and will make the fusion arc.

Baking of the heat shrink

Once we have our fibers fused, the last step is to bring our heat shrink protector down to the melting point. We put everything in the built-in oven of the fusion splicer to seal and finish the process

Final assembly

Our final task will be to save the fusions in the previously installed rosette. Put on the cover and recommend our clients to hire a good telecommunications service provider. :)